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Salma Hayak Pics

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Salma Hayek full name is : Salma Hayek Jimenez She was born on September 2, 1966 The place :Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, México. The origin of her name comes from her fathers' parents from Lebanon and her mothers' parents are Spanish. Her first opportunity was on a theatrical production on 1988, ALADINO Y LA LAMPARA MARAVILLOSA . On 1989 she made her first telenovela NUEVO AMANECER .This was her first tele-novela. On 1990 she gave her the leading role on TERESA . Her first opportunity was on 1993 on a movie called MI VIDA LOCA . This movie was directed by Allison Anders, on this movie she acted like Gata, one of the leading role girlfriends. After MI VIDA LOCA she made special appearances on the series SINBAD , DREAM ON and NURSES . On 1994 she returned to Mexico to make an special appearance on the telenovela EL VUELO DEL AGUILA .   Also in 1994 she filmed EL CALLEJON DE LOS MILAGROS .This was her first movie on Mexico, on this movie she played Alma an elegant prostitute. On 1995 she filmed DESPERADO . This was her big opportunity on Hollywood cause this was a big studio movie, and she acted with Antonio Banderas. She played Carolina. Also on 1995 she acted on FOUR ROOMS , on the Robert Rodriguez segment "The Misbehavers" , she made a special appearance like a Porno dancer. Also on 1995 she acted on FAIR GAME , on this movie she acted with Cindy crawford like Baldwin´s girlfriend, she has only a small role. On 1996 she filmed FROM DUSK TILL DAWN with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino , she only made a dance with a snake as the vampire Santanico Pandemonium. Also on 1996 she acted on FLED with Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin, she played Cora the heroine of the movie On 1996 she filmed FOOLS RUSH IN , on this movie she played Isabel Fuentes , the mexican woman that was the love interest of Mathew Perry role. This movie was her big opportunity, cause this was the first time that she have the leading role on a big studio movie. 1997 was really a hard year for Salma Hayek , she filmed BREAKING UP with Russell Crowe, She made a special apppearance on Lucy Orozco telenovela GENTE BIEN , She acted on an Independent movie called FOLLOW ME HOME , and she filmed THE HUNCHBACK , on this movie she acted like Esmeralda, enough things for only one year. Also on September 1997 she filmed an Independent movie called THE VELOCITY OF GARY , on this movie she played the girlfriend of a man that have aids and that want to spent his last days with his girlfriend and his gay lover. On October 1997 she began filmming 54 , on this movie she act with SCREAM actress Neve Campbell, this movie was filmed on Toronto and New York. Also in 1998 she is going to began filmming DOGMA , with director Kevin Smith, and she will act with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Linda Fiorentino. And on April 1998 she is going to begin filmming a movie called LA FRIDA , This is a Biographical Movie about Frida Kahlo´s life , and on this movie she is going to have the opportunity as a Producer.

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